About Jessica Parker

Jessica Parker has always had her nose in a book. Her book affair began with fairy tales and dreams of finding her true love. While she found a few frogs during her search, she is happy to report that her dashing prince swept her off her feet and they are living happily ever after.

You can find Jessica with a dog by her feet and a book in her hand at home. Otherwise check the water because she’s an avid scuba diver. Her experiences on land and sea have resulted in a never-ending list of stories to be written.

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2 thoughts on “About Jessica Parker”

  1. Hey this is Ashley I never heard of u tell I saw your book at comic con. now I’m loving it but cant find your next series. Are you done with the series or r u still writing them for The Bride Trials. Thanks

    1. Hi Ashley! I’m still writing the Bride Trials. I’m also working on a fairytale retelling series.

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