Writing Advice

This is where I’ll share about my writing process. Things I’ve learned through success and failure. If you have a specific question about my process reach out to me on Facebook.

Writing is a unique experience that is somehow filled with both delight and disgust. I find myself after each book release wishing I would have told the story a different way. Each time I sit down to write a new book, the process is a bit different. For me, each character is their own, and what worked for one doesn’t work for them all.

I am humbled by this journey and grateful to those who enjoy my tales.

If you are adventuring on the author’s path, know that your journey is your own. Fill it with supportive sidekicks, and knowledgeable guides. Gather wisdom from those that have traversed their own paths, if you fall get back up, and continue to tackle it in your own unique way.

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